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old fillings vs newDentistry has come a long way over even the last 20 years. If you have fillings that look black when you open your mouth, then you received some of that “ancient” technology that has been replaced with materials that match the color of your teeth so fillings are undetectable. Not to mention, many fillings over the last century were made up of metals that contained poison such as mercury, which has led to blood poisoning and health complications for folks later in life.

Newer technologies in the dental and orthodontic worlds have been changing the smiles of younger and older folks for the last 5 years as there is a revolution of both aesthetic and medical treatment research under way from many companies that had not considered the field of dentistry to be one of high value for their company. 3M is one of these companies who had their origins and continues to have their bread and butter with the office supply market. But thanks to innovation and anthropology adopted by such companies, there are a host of new cosmetic dental and orthodontic treatments available today that were not available even ten years ago. The onset of semi-transparent braces or color-matched braces together with the color matched filling material has played a significant role in bringing down the barriers for folks who have avoided dental treatment in the past for fear of unsightly outcomes.

New Orthodontic Practices and Options

There are a number of orthodontists who are using a new technology by 3M to bring the amazing “invisible” braces to patients. An orthodontist in Irvine CA who we recently read about on a news channel has several new clients who are very pleased with the way the look BEFORE the braces come off. This is almost unheard of in the market since the real magic happens after brackets are removed. Since he and others like him are using some of this new technology, they are able to set their clients at ease with not only a beautiful smile after the treatment time, but during. This is bringing in a new demographic of clients who’s teeth are not really in need of any repair but could use just a little help. Such patients would have not sought the help of an orthodontist to make only minor adjustments due to the hindrances of having braces, such as changes in speech or cosmetics. But since the treatment times can be lessened and are handled in such a professional manner by doctors who are experts in not only their practice but also in patient and interpersonal relationships, they are coming to grips with the reality that their teeth are not 100% perfect – maybe only 90% – so they are opting for treatment.

This website aims to bring the latest in dental treatments as well as make recommendations for local doctors who meet our qualifications for referral.

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